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Optimize your PC now

Why use MaxPerforma Optimizer?

Windows 8 Compatible

There are numerous factors which tend to decrease the performance of your PC. As time passes by, and you keep on installing/removing programs on your PC, it starts getting slower and slower due to the following reasons:

  • Registry-related factors: invalid entries, missing file references, dead keys or values
  • Junk entries: invalid registry file type pointers, and more
  • Startup issues: too many programs lined up at startup, causing your PC to run slow
  • PC malfunctions: crashes, freezes and blue screens


MaxPerforma Optimizer will clean those issues and improve your PC response time. The software will:

  • Automatically optimize your registry settings to avoid crashes and speed up your computer
  • Remove broken shortcuts or invalid registry settings
  • Adjust a variety of system and windows settings to boost PC performance
  • Remove unneeded Start Up programs to free up RAM for optimal performance

Optimize Registry

The Windows Registry stores settings and options for Windows OS. Over time, the registry gradually grows in size and gets cluttered with invalid data. This slows Windows down to crawl and causes other issues. MaxPerforma Optimizer will clean, optimize and tweak your registry to improve the performance of your computer. In the Scan Tab, click on the Scan Now button to search the registry for errors. Once the scan is complete, click on the Fix button to clean the registry problems.

Scan results
Automatic backup
Thorough settings
Optimize your PC now


Scan, Backup and Clean errors to Fix your PC and boost performance


Faster PC response time. Quick Windows startup.


Tweak registry settings for optimal performance.


Complete report of errors found. Manually pick problems to be fixed.